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Site technology for caravan parks

Fox Technology are specialist providers of site technology and digital infrastructure specifically for owners of residential and holiday caravan parks. Modern technology has the potential to make your site stand out from the competition in terms of amenities, security and crucially profitability!

Over the next 3 years, the availability of fast reliable WiFi is going to become a key requirement for caravan owners when choosing a site. We guarantee to be able to offer fast internet on any site in the UK! When offered in conjunction with modern CCTV coverage and secure access control your site will offer your owners the peace of mind to allow them to truly enjoy the time in their caravan.

We provide a complete service from design and installation, staff training and maintenance. We also offer unique financing models which allow you to enjoy all the benefits of the technology, without costly capital outlay.

We have extensive experience of the unique challenges and requirements of this sector and understand that every site has its own characteristics. We specialise in designing bespoke solutions for each site, and our detailed understanding of the needs of both site owners and residents ensure that you only pay for what you need.



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